Our courses are accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Energy Healing

Reserve Your Seat For The Upcoming Energy Healing Workshop.

  • Introduction to Energy Healing
  • Traditional healing methods
  • Importance of Breathing
  • Learning to channel energy
  • Applying techniques to help others
  • Self Healing
  • Working with all sorts of Ailments
  • Distant Healing
  • Importance of Grounding and Earthing
  • Energy Meridians and Energy Centres


Emotional Healing

Reserve Your Seat For The Upcoming Emotional Healing Workshop.

  • Understanding Trauma and its impact
  • Connecting emotions to ailments
  • Working with Clients
  • Trauma Identification and Release
  • Tapping
  • Rapid Trauma Release
  • Role of the Subconscious Mind
  • Psychosomatics
  • Power of Positive Affirmations
  • Changing Habits & Behaviours
  • Mindset & Lifestyle Changes

Deep Trauma Release

Our health is self-inflicted due to interpersonal emotional exchanges with one another. We pick up emotions and trauma from a very younger tender age that continues to haunt us late into our lives.

This somatic experiencing (trauma) becomes part of our subconscious habits & cognitive behaviors, so cannot be easily identified. Most people remains stuck in this phase of life without ever being able to release those shackles that have been holding them back.

The Aafiyah Deep Trauma Healing process allows individuals to introspect and identify the root causes of their trauma, cognitive behaviors, habits and belief system.

This method includes a unique step by step process that helps to identify the root cause of the ailment. The healing journey continues with releasing that memory and associated feelings safely and follow through a process of forgiveness and self-forgiveness, ultimately reaching self-love and acceptance.

This process is facilitated to ensure that the healing journey is well understood and every efforts is made to ensure the experience is as pleasant as possible.

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Aafiyah Healing is a natural healing modality that focuses primarily on breath and body-mind awareness techniques to facilitate & accelerate the healing process

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